• 03. februar 2010

    Morgenstjerne N-27-Ø

    Morgenstjerne stands for Morning Star and is the name of a fishing vessel. N-27-Ø is this craft's registration number.

    The headline is pointing at AVLETTO, a Finnish – Norwegian co-operation on culture. References are made to arrangements kept in Nyksund Brygge and new events planned in the future. The referenced link will take you to a page explaining what's behind AVLETTO and to the fisherman Lauri’s blog. Some text in Norwegian and even more in Finnish. Enjoy !

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  • 14. januar 2010

    Financial support confirmed

    Nordland County Authority has in writing confirmed their commercial contribute of NOK 275 000,-. Nyksund AS, owner of the building, is extremely grateful for the large amount of money and the acknowledgment we are experiencing. In addition we are very grateful for the support we have received from the local municipals, represented by the mayor, other political members, administration and technical department. Without this involvement and support the project wouldn’t have succeeded. We are now happy to wish everybody welcome to visit the museum when the new exhibition is established or a concert as announced at this webpage.

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  • 29. desember 2009

    Nordland county authority has supported the project by means of commercial support

    Nyksund AS received today, 29th of December 2009, a phone call from the administration of Nordland county authority that NOK 275 000.00 has been allocated to the project upon our application. Normally one should doubt the content of such phone calls from strangers; we have however decided to trust the information, even though it is too good to be true. Thank you very much! In addition Nyksund AS is very grateful to the Øksnes local council, in particular the mayor, John Danielsen, who has promoted our project in an excellent way. (cc)

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